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Retirement Career Planning | Victoria, BC

Career Planning Help for Retirees

Hi there! I’m Allan Revich, a retiree in Victoria, British Columbia. Like most people I enjoyed my working life… until I didn’t! Then I retired. And like most retirees, I was ready to leave the rat race, but I wasn’t ready to drop off the face of the earth.

I keep pretty busy in retirement. I’m an artist, a musician, and I have a family. But I also have a set of skills that might be useful to you if you are retired or planning your retirement.

Allan Revich, M.Ed.

We all know that there is no shortage of financial planners, money managers, bankers, investment advisors, and other professionals ready to help us plan our retirement finances. But who can you talk to about planning your retirement career

Most career coaches and counselors are busy either helping youngsters figure out what to do when they grow up, or helping people in mid-career advance their ambitions. Retirees have different needs. Ambitions of a different kind. We want to be able to lead meaningful and productive lives, but on our own terms. We want to continue to learn, to grow, and also to contribute to the society that we succeeded in.

As a retiree myself, I understand and appreciate the needs of other retirees. And as an experienced and qualified career counselor, I’d like to help other retired people have fulfilling post-retirement careers; in whatever way they decide to define what the word “career” now means to them. 

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