Purpose and motivation are the keys to a happy and fulfilling life. The Purpose Pages are here to help you find and define yours.

Purpose and Motivation Looking to the future.

I’m Allan Revich, an artist, musician, and writer in Victoria, British Columbia. I write about purpose and motivation because after finding my own purpose (later in life then I would have liked), and gaining better understanding of what motivates me, I thought that I should share my insights with other people.

You might ask what qualifies and artist in Victoria to write about purpose and motivation, beyond his own subjective experience, so I’ll drop a few of my other qualifications here:

  • Masters degree (M.Ed.) in Adult Education and Career Counselling
  • Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Psychology and Fine Art
  • Certification in Mediation
  • Certification in Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Work as a Union Grievance Officer for a 5000 member union local
  • Career coaching work
  • Conflict resolution work
Motivation Expert, Allan Revich, M.Ed.
Motivation Expert, Allan Revich, M.Ed.